Jim Sutton

I have been doing videography since I was very young, making my first short film when I was in 6th Grade.  knowing what I wanted to do, I went to college at Northern Illinois University to study Photography, and then continuing on to get a film production degree in Film School.


After that I traveled the world with the Buell/ Harley-Davidson motorcycle stunt team, documenting their shows, and travels.  I worked with them for 9 years. and while with them I made 4 Worldwide distributed videos while I was with them.


Now I have worked on many big T.V. shows and movies such as "Bloodline, H.B.O.'s Ballers, "Baywatch" the movie, "Graceland",  commercials for Nissan, Dodge, Cessna Jets and more.  I am now offering my expertise privately.  Now everyone to get higher end video made for their events.