The beauty of your wedding day is all captured in the highest quality 4k! I never place time limits on your big day, NO add-on fees or worrying about going an hour past your time limit! Please just contact me, and let me know your specific needs. Weather it’s a family dinner you want captured the night before, or a destination wedding in Australia, I can make the perfect package tailored to fit your needs. Below are the most common packages people choose from. Packages can be modified to fit any weddings needs. (NOW 6 4k camera setups available)


Big Day :  Raw Footage package ($1,000)

* Filmed coverage of Bride getting ready, the Wedding, and Reception.

* steady camera rig with 4k camera

* All raw footage given to you on a drive for you to edit.


Royal Wedding package ($1,800)

* full day of filming (Full Coverage - No time limits)

* electronically stabilized 4K camera rig

*3-5 4k camera angles of wedding, first dance, and other moments.

* multiple micro cameras to catch lots of the little moments you missed.

*Bridal party vlogging camera shots

* Aerial footage of wedding and photoshoot (if location allows)

* Highest quality "Hollywood" style edited video for computers, 4k TVs, and YouTube, and on media of choice.


(Every package can add a photographer, or second videographer as well, please contact me to get more info on availability)